From Parts Unknown

by Legends of Wrestling

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    Grip This Shit Before It's Gone Forever.

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Special Thanks to: Brian E. Ostrander, Aaron Vilk, David Massimini, Thomme Chiki, ACRN.COM, Cassie Whitt and every wrestler who gave everything they had to the ring.


released November 29, 2013

Legends of Wrestling on Record is:
Ty Owen: Programming, Guitar, Vocals
Pat Snyder: Vocals
Grant Welch: Vocals
Andrew Adams: Vocals




Legends of Wrestling Columbus, Ohio

What the hell, Brotthheerrrr? Legends of Wrestling are a Terrifying Grindcore sideshow of all things brutal. Part performance art, part raving lunatics. With songs that are significantly shorter than the roughly 30-second intros ripped from the glory days of classic professional wrestling some might think Legends of Wrestling have gone too far, but in reality they haven't gone too far enough. ... more

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Track Name: Warriors Theme
Come out of the dark
Like a lightning bolt
Sprint around the ring
Pump those fists up high
Track Name: No Escape
There is nowhere to run
There is nowhere to hide
The Warrior has you locked
Dead straight in his sights
Track Name: Stick to the Ring
Yellow boots and those red striped pants
Bald head and a great bid stache
Keep it real with the product launch
Cause' pastamania is all you got
Will you blend or will you fight
Selling Thunder Mixers if the price is right
Playing bass in a real great band
Better stick to the ring my man
Every time you speak my name
I'll send you straight down to the grave
Grab the controls and send it down
Fly the plane into the ground
Track Name: Spaceship Warriors
Spaceship Time
(Fill it with the rocket fuel/Fill it with the rocket fuel)
Call all your dudes
(Load it with the Warriors/Load it with the Warriors)
Fly to Parts Unknown
(Does anyone know where the fuck that is?)
Track Name: Honky Tonk Grind
Acoustic Guitar
Slicked Back Hair
I didn't know Elvis
Could do a suplex
Why my boy you do look famished
slam another fried peanut butter banana sandwich
Track Name: 2nd Amendment
Break into my house
And I'll shoot you dead
Like a true conservative
I'll paint this whole god damn town red
Track Name: No Steroids
Get Fit
With the Warrior Workout Kit
Get Pumped
Blunt Basic No Bull
Get Ripped
Includes a 10 minute Warrior Call
Don't need no roids to rage like this.
Track Name: Are You Down With The Warrior?
A Single Mission and a Single Drive
To Make Sure The Warrior is the Last Alive
(No to Ask But Just to Give/No To Want But Just to Sin)
Ram it Down Till You Get Sick
Not Down With the Warrior? You Can Suck My Dick.
This Freak of Nature is About To Swell
Ultimate Power as You Can Tell
(Beter Back The Fuck Up)
Track Name: The Best Alive
You were the best alive and now you're dead
Track Name: Out For The Count
Thrown over the ropes
Now you're outside of the ring
Slammed onto concrete
Now you're outside of the ring
Hit with a chair
On the outside of the ring
Thrown on the ground
when you're outside of the ring
And if he counts to 10 when you're outside of the ring
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
You're Gonna Lose.
Legends of Wrestling New Champions
Stand and applaud your new champions
Ladies and Gents a New Champion
Stand and applaud your new champions